Planting the Seeds of Hope and Reaping the Fruits of Contentment

06/11/2020, 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm (All events are provided free of charge. Contributions welcome.)
When things go beyond our control or when unpleasant circumstances leave behind a strong negative impression or looking at the condition of the world we may lose hope in any possible positive outcomes. But spirituality offers us another way to look at things and create thoughts of hope.  
In this talk we will learn skills to create and sustain hope in our constantly changing lives and thereby feel the state of contentment within.
About the Speaker: Dev Lingadevaru is a Software Engineer working at one of the leading financial institutions in Boston.  Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Dev is a Raja yogi for more than 29 years. He teaches and facilitates workshops in Raja yoga meditation, positive thinking, changing anger to peace, managing stress, overcoming fear, etc.  He also serves as Co-coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris Boston Learning Center for Peace.

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