Restless Mind to Restful Mind

01/25/2017, 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm (All events are provided free of charge. Contributions welcome.)

Is your mind like a thought factory, working continuously day and night? Thinking about things to do, what’s been done, what should have been done, what others did or didn’t do…

All this thinking simply makes the mind restless. A restless mind is not happy, focused or positive.

To get the most out of your mind, take the mind from restless to restful. A restful mind is calm, creative and productive, and thinks better.Because just about everything evolves through our mind, revolves around our mind and involves the use of our mind. The mind is where everything starts.

So how to slow the thoughts and rest the mind?

Join us to explore calming and soothing remedies for a restless mind.

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