Find The Missing Peace

A QUEEN was frantically searching for her expensive necklace studded with the most expensive diamonds. She engaged all her servants to search it.  And search they did for many hours! Eventually one of them found it! Can you guess where? Yes it was already on the queen’s neck where she had not thought to search carefully! Be it the pursuit of getting good grades, a promotion, finding a soul mate, buying a new house, going a dream vacation, making a lot of money, or gaining a higher status in society, deep inside there is a pursuit of something that would lead to inner peace and happiness. We feel that we will be in a more satisfied situation.  

Yet often, we find that the joys of the world are quite fleeting.  Often we find accomplished individuals feel empty inside or many times attaining something externally opens up the next (in the list of unending) challenges. So where is the missing peace? To be clear, there is nothing wrong with outwardly pursuits, but there is a way to play the game of life with a deeper understanding that can help us appreciate and experience peace in the JOURNEY of life and NOT as a DESTINATION.  

Peace, the feeling of calmness, serenity, security is achievable in a second without any cost regardless of age, race, gender, or religion! Come discover this with the Raja Yoga Meditation Courses at Inner Space Meditation Center and Gallery!  

By understanding the innate qualities of the deepest core of our being and by connecting with the Power Source of Peace, we can experience peace HERE and NOW!  

Meditation - Getting Started

Meditation – Getting Started