Learn Meditation

Learn Meditation

How many voices are in YOUR head? Is it the voice of your mother, your best friend, an influential teacher, the latest TV star, the latest news? You search Google for answers to your questions, you ask your family or friends for advice, you read every on-line review and one hundred self-help books.  But how can you be clear what is right for you? Meditation is the key.

The practice of meditation teaches you how to listen to the RIGHT voice – your own! Of course, you must keep yourself properly informed, but it’s important to avoid information overload. When it comes time to make a choice, sit in silence and invoke the discernment that lies within you, rather than “out there”. You have the power to decide on a course of action and stick with it. You have the power to discern what is the truth for you . These are your natural powers of the intellect when you are clear in your mind and uninfluenced by the distractions and multiple opinions around you.

Keep a clear Mind: Regular meditation sessions help you clear away the layers of distraction and learn to hear your own intuition, your own inner voice. In the silence, you begin to remember your original self on so many levels. You remember that you are not just physical body and playing many roles in the world, but that you are also a subtle, spiritual being with positive innate qualities.  When you sit daily in silence and learn to connect to your inner self, a new clarity and way of understanding yourself emerges. You begin to know your own self, your own ideas. You begin to be able to discern and decide what is best for YOU in your life. You remember the sound of your own voice!

Try a few minutes a day and feel the difference. Want help? Learn Raja Yoga Meditation.

The Practice – Tips for success

  • Find a quiet, distraction-free corner in your home or workplace.
  • Set an alarm so you do not have to look at the clock while meditating.
  • Observe your thoughts. Let them flow by without judging or changing them.
  • Repeat thoughts like “I am silent” and “I am still” to help slow your thoughts down.
  • Start with 5-10 minutes and gradually build your time up.
  • Soft background music can help you stay focused.