Meditation for Busy People

Meditation for Busy People

Modern life is a whirlwind that only seems to spin faster and faster. You need to meditate. But…where to find the time? Integrating meditation into a hectic life can seem impossible, but through simple meditation techniques you can keep your mind positive and stress-free in just a few short minutes a day. “Meditation for busy people” means to bring meditation techniques into the moment – to stay peaceful and calm, to do a mental multi-task. While performing actions, learn to keep your internal focus switched on. Check in with the quality of your mind and thoughts, no matter what you may be doing in the moment. Soul Conscious Awareness: We have become so totally focused on external things, and yet we are not just action-conscious machines. We are also spiritual beings, with inner depths that hold the truth of who we are – peace, joy, power. In Raja Yoga meditation, we have the practice of “soul consciousness”.  Soul consciousness means to stay connected to our inner depths and aware of the inner treasures within others. We discover that our feelings and state of mind are our choice. Where do your peace, joy and power lie? Not just in the things you do, but in connections you make with family, friends, and coworkers. Practice soul consciousness, and you will turn your to-do list into a series of opportunities – to speak a kind word, to shift a tense situation into one of peace and understanding, to uplift another. When you are ready to share the best of yourself with others, busy-ness becomes a gift and a way to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level. This gift becomes available when you regularly focus internally – on you, your mind and your thoughts.

Step 1 – seated meditation, in as little as 5 minutes

You can do it! In just five to ten minutes set your intention for the day and shift to a more positive attitude. Turn off the phone, turn off the TV, turn on some quiet music, and BE with yourself. Early in the morning before the day starts, or at the end of the day before sleeping are excellent times. A mid-day break at lunchtime is also energizing. Sit comfortably and quietly (the same spot every day helps). Press the reset button for your mind and attitude by observing your breath and your thoughts. Holding a simple intention for yourself can also help. Repeat one of the following phrases slowly in your mind (or make one of your own), letting all other thoughts fade until you really FEEL the difference…
  • I am a peaceful. No matter what scene comes in front of me, I maintain my peace.
  • I am filled with joyful feelings. I spread happiness all around me.
  • Through my inner power, I am stable and strong in my mind. I believe in myself.

Step 2 – take your meditation out into the world

Share your inner peace, joy and power with others in your world! Several times a day, try these techniques:
  • Reconnect to the feeling of peace and calm you had in meditation. Bring it into your awareness, and then share that peace with others as you interact.
  • Before you speak to someone, remember that he or she is also spiritual being with many inner treasures. See how different your communication is when you pause before you speak.
  • Set an alarm on your phone or computer to go off at regular intervals. The chime serves as your “mental traffic control” reminder. In that moment, make the switch to soul conscious thoughts.
Meditation does not need to take hours. Try these short, simple exercises and feel the difference in your life!