Slaying the three dragons – Doubt, Worry, Fear – Cambridge Public Library 9/7/2013

Rita and Anthony Strano

Anthony Strano, raja yoga meditation teacher, international lecturer, and author of the book Slaying the Three Dragons: Overcoming Worry, Doubt and Fear, spoke today at the Cambridge Public Library in Harvard Square.


He inspired all who attended with his techniques and ideas on how to banish all the dragons (there are many more than just three!) that sabotage our ability to think clearly, see possibilities and find solutions.


He reminded us that these dragons do not come from other people, but lie inside us. When we spend time in silence, we learn to see ourselves clearly. We can use powerful thoughts to access that place inside that is eternal and timeless and real.


From there and by concentrating on creating and absorbing thoughts of peace and power we develop the self esteem, self worth, and self confidence we need to let go of the fear, worry, and doubt in our lives. Performances by Stan Strickland, two powerful meditations led by Anthony, book signing and a chance to meet Anthony after the program rounded out the experiential and uplifting afternoon.